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AIMA in ASIA 2016 - Thursday 21st January 2016

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wanchai, Hong Kong


  • AIMA in ASIA’ is AIMA’s Asia-Pacific regional flagship forum
  • Promoted as part of HK’s ‘International Financial Week’ / Asian Financial Forum
  • Scheduled in January in order to focus on anticipated 2016 hot-button topics
  • 2015 inaugural event drew 285 regional attendees


‘AIMA in ASIA’ 2016 is our regional flagship full day event and is held in Hong Kong as part of HK’s ‘International Financial Week’. Introduced in 2015, our first ‘AIMA in ASIA’ brought together nearly 300 industry leaders from around the region. Scheduled at the start of the year, our event differentiates itself by addressing the key regulatory, policy and operational focus areas anticipated for APAC managers in the coming year; this year's event features:

  • Opening keynote Professor KC Chan, Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Hong Kong

  • Full-day agenda featuring sessions on:

    • Regulatory and Fiscal Themes anticipated for 2016;

    • Media, Communications and Reputation Management;

    • Managing CSAs and Conflicts of Interest;

    • Corporate Governance Reform in Asia’s Capital Markets; 

    • Conducting Investment Due Diligence in APAC Jurisdictions;

    • China’s Asset Management Industry: Opportunities and Internationalisation.

  • Simultaneous translation into Mandarin will be offered


2015 delegates said:

  • “I thought the AIMA event was one of the best APAC events we have ever attended or sponsored…”

  • “Congratulations for putting together such a great conference. It's the best hedge fund conference I ever attended (and by miles), everyone was there, it was buzzy, the panels and lunchtime presentation were spot on...”

  • "Very good event, well run and informative. I can see it becoming a key event for many people in the coming years.”

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